Maximise the impact of your work

Evolve your academic papers, courses, and research projects into bright, smart, and engaging videos. 

Our academic-style videos have been specifically designed for scholars in order to optimize simplexification, factual accuracy, cost efficiency and audience engagement.

See a sample of our work here:

The following styles are available:

Provide us with your CV and we will produce a video introduction to your career and your work, with a map of the places where you worked, a timeline of your publications, and graphs for your bibliometrics.

In conversation with you, we produce weekly videos that can be used to structure each class. Our long formats include engaging visual content and interactive links to maximize e-learning. Each video is structured to be followed by a group discussion led by the teacher.

We can further assist with the optimization of the time allocated to online interactions with and between the students; or include tailored networking activities for the first and last weeks of term.

Talks & Seminars
If you are giving a talk:
Based on your talk and your slides, we can produce various formats maximising the impact of your message, the extent of the information you can convey, information retention, and audience engagement.

If you are convening a seminar series:
We can support you in various ways, including by liaising with the speakers to pre-record and enliven their talks, which can also allow them to respond to the questions of the audience during the seminar itself, or by facilitating the Q&As (that can include quizzes on the talk and prizes to win for students).

Project Overviews
Based on a research paper and/or on an interview with you(r team), we produce impactful summaries of ongoing or completed research projects (see sample above).

We can produce in parallel different versions, to be used to disseminate your research findings to various audiences (colleagues, students, partners, and funders) and support impact activities targetting journalists, policymakers, or the general public.

The final product is yours (copyright included) and you can use it to reach out to various audiences, including:

– colleagues and peers
– students
– funders and partners
– policymakers and stakeholders
– journalists
– the general public.

The best part, is that you don’t need to know anything about video to get started. Our team draws on its knowledge of academia and video production to assit you. We apply the latest research finding to help you maximise the impact of your work.

 Scientific research gives you a few more reasons to work with us:  

Tell us a little about your project and we will get back to you with ideas to help you achieve your scientific objectives.