Video Training: E-research

Leverage video tools for your research

Digital media are increasingly being used as tools in research.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of the technology, their usage became commonplace, without the implications of such usage attracting much debate or consideration. 

This workshop series tackles fundamental epistemological, ethical, and technical challenges  pertaining to using video tools for research purposes. 


Our e-research workshop series is structured in 6 modules. A team gathering visual anthropologists, digital media specialists, and video experts provides a reflexive and practical introduction to conducting e-research. Each participant engages in an active hands-on learning experience geared towards collecting and analyse video data. This programme is uniquely suited for research teams or research centres wishing to encourage engagement with digital methods. 

6 modules to generate and process video data 

 Why and how scientists use video tools: trends and evolutions, state-of-art, critical discussion of publications and award-winning examples.
    Planning a video data collection: how your scientific goals should inform your methodological and technical approach 
   The foundations of your video data collection: Reflexivity, positionality, and ethics of filmmaking
Collecting and processing video data: from the shooting to the archives. Hands-on tutorial.
Analysing video recorded data: taking advantage of AI-powered automation software. Hands-on tutorial.
     Leveraging video data to maximise research outcomes: video field reports, research articles, video explainers, ethnographic films, and documentaries. Screening with invited guest speakers.

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