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Tool kit for e-teaching 

With academic life by necessity moving online, scholars must develop new ways of teaching and engaging students. Video tools are becoming essential to achieving these goals. And yet, academics often do not have the technical skills to produce high-quality video content.

Recording, editing, and uploading e-lectures has become a core part of teaching duties – and a growing number of universities embrace the advantages of e-teaching. [1]


However, due partly to a lack of resources, this digital shift has added inordinately to academics’ workload, generated confusion regarding ethical and legal requirements, caused stress among academics, and led to disengagement among students.[2, 3 It does not have to be this way.

Embracing the digital shift can bring about new opportunities [4] for teaching staff [5], while significantly improving learning outcomes for students.[6] OxCo developed resources enabling scholars to create high-quality e-lectures, enhancing the experience of both teachers and students

Our e-teaching workshop series leverages automation tools, especially video templates and auto-animation software, allowing busy scholars to shortcut the process to proficiency. 

Emphasis is NOT placed on a classical or technical understanding. Instead, participants engage in an active, hands-on learning experience during which they will produce their own e-lectures.  

Maximising the benefit of online teaching requires students’ active participation. Therefore, this workshop series does not focus solely on producing videos; it will stress the importance of planning e-lectures based both on high-quality videos and other digital tools which are currently available, but largely unfamiliar, to teaching staff. By inviting teaching faculty to re-think their approach to teaching in response to the current context, this workshop series supports academics in a key way, at a time when they are expected to deploy digital engagement to meet the new needs of today’s students. 

6 modules to create your e-classes

Script your e-lectures to foster learning outcomes
     Get started: Set up an effective home-studio 
     Enrich your lectures with multimedia content
Learn to edit your own content seamlessly 
Incorporate synchronous interactive activities 
   Share your content in accordance with legal and ethical requirements 

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