At OxCo, we leverage the latest breakthroughs in behavioural economics and neuro-psychology in order to maximise e-learning, engagement and collaboration amongst scholars.  Online meetings and classes offer opportunities which traditional offline events cannot – we take advantage of the digital turn to convene meetings that leave attendees inspired.

Tell us what are your scientific objectives and our dedicated team will turn your idea into a tailored fully-fledged digital event, including:

Presentation optimisation

Audio-visual production (optional live-videoscribe)

Organisation, technical support, and participant liaison
Optional round of introductions, Q&As and conversation facilitation

Scheduling, digital agenda, calendar and academic platform integration

Internal and external communication planning and implementation

UX optimisation suited for conference participants or distant learners

Customised event branding to optimize the visbility of your institutions and partners

Scientific evidence stresses the benefits of online conferences (see recent publications in Nature). At OxCo, we have experience with various formats, such as workshops, seminar series, weekly classes, summer schools, internal meetings, and public conferences – and we build on the latest research findings to help you make the best of the digital shift.