Academia took a digital turn in 2020.

Conferences, meetings, and classes moved online due to the pandemic, and there is no way back – also because digital events allow us to save precious time and resources. (Read Nature‘s perspective on virtual conferences here).

Online events are first and foremost better for the planet: no international flights or printed programmes help preserve the environment. For participants, online events imply less travel time, no jet lag, no hassle to hire a taxi at the airport or find the hotel in a new city. For conference organisers, convening virtual meetings imply a lighter logistics, and incomparably lower costs – while drawing larger crowds. 

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, online events also allow scholars from all around the word to connect instantly. There is, however, a missing ingredient in this equation: Physical conferences used to be a lot of fun. Conference dinners and coffee breaks mattered, also because they allowed scholars to connect over meaningful conversations.

At OxCo, we know that informal conversations can develop into ground-breaking collaborations. That’s why we convene exhilarating scientific events, enabling scholars to connect over formal sessions, as well as social and networking activities, designed to enhance online academic life.


Building on a vast amount of experience with organising and running academic conferences, our team designs unique digital events – ranging from weekly seminars to annual conferences. Find out more about our different formats here.

Tell us what are your scientific objectives and our dedicated team will turn your idea into a fully-fledged digital event.


Based on your scientific objectives and audience, we design one-a-kind events.

To maximize engagement, our:

– Academic videos simplexify complex ideas to increase the impact of science,
– Interactive sessions allow scholars to discuss and connect over engaging content,
– Exhilarating social events – including virtual wine/beer tastings – offer to all attendees a unique shared experience.

In conversation with you, we will design a tailored turnkey online event that help you achieve your scientific goals.