Digital Academic Life

At OxCo, we help academics embrace the digital turn, through video-production and e-events.

Our unique combination of videos tools and interactive digital events is designed to make for the best possible research outcomes. From weekly classes to summer schools and annual conferences, find out how we support academics in achieving their scientific objectives.

Creative Academic Content

The digital environment provides opportunities that the traditional offline world cannot.

At OxCo, we use video tools to communicate research findings to various audiences, within academia and beyond.  We produce videos in collaboration with researchers, we teach academics how to produce their own video content, and we convene unique e-events with interactive digital activities. Get in touch to get support for your research, teaching, and public engagement activities. 

Video Production

Maximise The Impact Of Your Work

Video Training

Create Your Own Multimedia Content

E-events & e-classes

Connect And Share Your Ideas

Impactful e-research

Evolve your academic papers, courses, and research projects into bright, smart, and engaging videos.

We developed various formats and styles, in collaboration with Ample Education – a video production company with a decade of experience in working with clients worldwide.

Get inspired by the demo videos below and get in touch to discuss your project(s). Or to learn how you can reap all the benefits of using video tools. Find out more here.

Keynote Introduction


Project Overview

Learn why and how to video

Allowing your message to spread further, videos are uniquely suited to disseminating research findings in impactful ways. However, it takes specific skills to produce high-quality videos – which is why we developed a video training tailored to the needs of scholars.

Combining theoretical knowledge, practical tutorials, and a range of interactive activities, our video training workshop series develops academics’ knowledge and practical skills, while providing opportunities for public engagement. Find out more here and apply here.


Interactive e-classes and e-events 

Online meetings are efficient, cost-effective, family- and environment-friendly. They are here to stay.

At OxCo, we leverage the latest breakthroughs in behavioural economics and neuro-psychology to maximise e-learning, engagement and collaboration amongst academics. We take advantage of the digital turn to convene meetings that leave attendees inspired. Find out more about our portfolio of interactive digital activities.

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