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At OxCo, we help academics embrace the digital turn, through video-production, video training and e-events.

The digital environment provides opportunities that the traditional offline world cannot. Our unique combination of videos tools and interactive digital events is designed to make for the best possible research outcomes. We produce videos in collaboration with researchers, we teach academics how to produce their own video content, and we convene unique e-events with interactive digital activities.

Get in touch to get support for your research, teaching, fundraising, and public engagement activities.

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our suppliers list, @_OxCo_!

OxCo specialises in hybrid events and video content, and aims to revitalise the world of education through video production, and helps finds fresh ways to reach larger audiences.

Algorithms can help us make complex decisions, but they can also perpetuate patterns of human bias. So how can we help people make fairer decisions? Watch our film with @SandraWachter5 @oiioxford & Prof Sanjiv Das @AmazonScience
👇 #REFResults

How is Annie™ MOORE software, co-developed by @t8el & colleagues @RefugeesAI in collaboration with @HIASrefugees, helping to improve the employment outcomes of refugees by 30%? Watch our new film to find out 👇
#REFResults #makingadifference

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